Tape Label Studio 2 is finally available! Two months ago we already released a beta version which was almost feature-complete. The now released final version contains only a few changes and a lot bug fixes.

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Tape Label Studio
Apr 04, 2017
Almost 2 years after the last release of Tape Label Studio (Version 1.2.2 in April 2015) the first beta release of Tape Label Studio 2 is finally available!

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Tape Label Studio
Feb 14, 2017


Download the latest version of Tape Label Studio and start printing labels today.


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Tape Label Studio's Features

Easy to use

With its automatic mode Tape Label Studio offers an easy way to create your labels. Specify your label template, the color and border styles you like and how many labels you need. Automatic mode takes care of your settings and gets the job done.

Unlimited media types

Do you have LTO 1, LTO 2, LTO 3, LTO 4, LTO 5, LTO 6 or even LTO 7 tapes? Maybe Worm Generations 1-5? Or Cleaning Cartridges? Tape Label Studio offers all media types you may need for your labels. And if it doesn't, you can use your own.

Customize your labels

Tape Label Studio offers powerful color style and border style editors. With those tools by the hand you can customize background, text and border colors, set your desired border width and many more. Make your labels look the way you need them.

Easy to buy

Tape Label Studio starts at EUR 79 / USD 89 per user and can be ordered immediately using the payment of your choice like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and many more. Customers receive their license directly via e-mail. Order your license now and start printing your own, customized labels within minutes.

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